The Solitary

In the Bohemian Animal Tarot the hermit is renamed the solitary. This card represents me more in the modified term. I don’t know any modern day hermits living in desert huts but plenty of people live solitary lives right in the middle of our communities. The old who have no one to check on them, the Other, people don’t identify with and cross the street to avoid them, the homeless, down on their luck, who people pretend not to see. Those who function in the accepted social manner leave those of us not fitting the right dimensions more space than we need. Everyone needs human contact. We are social beings. Yet despite all the mental health awareness that’s been going on the best we seem to have achieved is some space for depression. People get the feeling down, understand it gets stuck with some people but ask them about more than regular anxiety, the kind that becomes a disorder that medals with your life and they don’t understand, have panic attacks that last for hours peaking and waning over and over and you must be mad, too frightened to leave your house and you are just plain nuts and need your meds. But. But be on meds and you’re a customer of Big Pharma, not someone trying to function. You’re an addict, not someone struggling through each day.

All we ask is that you let us in, let us feel ok to share these feelings without judgement. You don’t have to fix us. You don’t need to put yourself out. Just treat us as human. Like you. Same, but different.

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