Shame & Mental Illness

The police officer told me mental health no longer held a stigma as it once did. I told him he was mistaken. Challenged I told him that where they were taking the man in question, to the local ER, they would encounter someone who had no tolerance for mental health cases. He cut me off. But I knew the person quite well and sure enough the man was medicated after being told, if he just took the pills then he could go home. It’s not right, but what patient under the Mental Health Act is in a position to argue … Continue reading Shame & Mental Illness

Pet Sitting

I’m stuck in a lounge chair trying not to move. My leg hurts but there’s a very large dog in the next room and she’s on fourteen days rest. She disagrees. My daughter has her spayed last Thursday and since the anaesthetic wore off she’s been wanting to bounce about like Tigger! Today my daughter is at work and I’m responsible for one recovering dog, one healthy dog outside and one indoor cat that scares dogs for fun. She’s such a tiny thing. I’d like to write but the turning of pages is picked up by her ears way down … Continue reading Pet Sitting

Just Me Here

Sometimes I get writing and don’t realise I’m home alone, that everyone else has places to be and jobs to go to but me. When I do work these days, it’s from home. And I write so that too is from home. But even agoraphobics crave community. Perhaps I’ll find it through the life of Miss Mona, although she only exists online and to my family, close family. Although my daughter calls it a mid-life crisis I don’t think she understands how close I was to death and now I want to live every moment after three years of hell. … Continue reading Just Me Here